4 Common Lipstick Mistakes (Almost) Every Girl Makes


Application of lipstick may not seem like a hectic task. I mean just make an outline and then fill in, right? But one wrong move and all of a sudden you look like a 90’s goth girl . You are trying to get a red carpet look but unfortunately end up getting a clown town look. One must know the fact that there is a very thin line between “red carpet” and “clown town” when it comes to makeup especially application of lipstick. Almost all girls are victim to a lipstick faux pas again and again, so, we have compiled top 4 common lipstick mistakes that almost every girl makes. We have also shared the tips to fix these mistakes. Always make sure you apply lipstick in a perfect way EVERY TIME by avoiding these common lipstick mistakes!

lipstick mistakes every girl makes

Avoid These Four Common Lipstick Mistakes

Lipstick Mistake 1 # You aren’t beginning at the center of your lips.

  • Where you start matters. One must start applying lipstick at the centre of the lips, going outward. If you begin at the edges of your mouth, you are more likely to drawing outsides the lines. Starting from the centre and going out gives you more control for a precise, perfect lip border every time you apply lipstick. No harsh lines here!

Lipstick Mistake 2Your lip liner is excessively dark.

  •  You never need your lip liner to be excessively dark, as you end up resembling a shading book that should be filled in. According to the makeup experts, this is one of the biggest lipstick mistakes most of the women do while applying lipsticks. “To achieve a well-defined lip with a deep lip liner, coloring  in the full lip — top and bottom, and then blend your lipstick all the way to the edge of the lip liner. ” Experts suggest. This way your lip color will look smooth and seamless.

Lipstick Mistake 3 # You’re selecting a color that makes your lips appear smaller.

  • Women having naturally thin lips, might think that selecting a bold shade will make their lips appear bigger – but this trick actually does the opposite. So, avoid doing such lipstick mistakes again and again. Makeup experts says that women with thin lips can still follow the bold lip trend but for that you need to select a bright shade that has shimmer, shine and transparency. It will make your lips appear fuller.

Lipstick Mistake 4 # You haven’t take into account the rest of your look.

  • You may know each lipstick rule in the book, but if you aren’t considering the rest of your look, your lipstick selection can throw everything off. For instance, if you want to wear a bright red cocktail dress, then avoid that bright pink lipstick that you wanted to try. Or, if you have done a DRAMATIC SMOKEY EYE MAKEUP, keep your lip color more toned down and go for a nude lip shade instead. Makeup experts advice to avoid being too matchy matchy. A complete monochromatic palette can be quite boring. Rather mix and match things and opt for contrasting shades.

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So, from now on, try to avoid these above listed 4 common lipstick mistakes. You will definitely get a look that you have been trying to get. Please do comment and subscribe to get more makeup tips. Have a great day!

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