Spiritual Practice|Walking The Spiritual Path for Inner Peace

In order to walk a Spiritual Path, we actually need a True Spiritual Master. Through his guidance we can connect with divine source and experience the highest, purest wisdom in this universe. A True Spiritual Master will teach you the exact divine science and the exact spiritual technology. If we ask for and receive invitation, the Master will pass on a simple method of MEDITATION. The meditation will correct your Spiritual Focus gradually and automatically. Our aim is that SELFLESS LOVE. When the True Spiritual Master is physically amongst us, we may experience the desire of spiritual love quite intensely, it makes us want to sit in meditation, we get a lot of uplift. But to maintain that desire and make our love permanent and enduring, we have to adopt day-to-day discipline of meditation or Spiritual practice even when we don’t feel like doing it. There is no other way because the love which we get by experience cannot be compared to any other type of love. Intellectual love is alright, emotional love is alright. Any type of love is alright but nothing can surpass the love of your own experience, and for that experience, meditation is necessary. Spiritual meditation or Spiritual practice is just to occupy your mind so that our consciousness withdraws to the EYE CENTRE or THIRD EYE. Spiritual practice is a process where you slowly withdraw upward. It is constant, practical and permanent.

Spiritual Practice

The only way to strengthen LOVE is Spiritual Meditation!!

Obstacles During Meditation Or Spiritual Practice

What do you do if you just can’t do meditation (spiritual practice). If your mind is racing too hard, it’s difficult to focus on eye centre? Well, what do you do if your child throws a tantrum? You sit and wait until he/she gets tired and then you try  to make him/her quiet. What do you do when your room is in appalling mess ? You start bit by bit to pick up each little thing. It seems as if you are doing nothing, the task is too big, but each tiny effort makes a difference and it gets done.

Basically, we just have to do it, however useless it seems. But it isn’t useless, it works, because this dry repetition is actually a prayer to the Lord and it is much more effective than all the outpouring of words we could ever make.

Whenever we are free, mentally, we should try to devote time to spiritual meditation. We will feel the definite advantage of it when we are giving proper time to our MEDITATION, we will have much better concentration, quicker concentration, and we will be in touch with the Sound sooner. If during the whole day, we are absorbed in Spiritual practice, we are not letting our thoughts be scattered too much, and so in a lesser time we will be able to concentrate when we sit for spiritual meditation.

Spiritual Meditation will bring us joy. It will give us spiritual experience. It will bring us the things that our Master wants for us. He wants us to receive his treasure of WORDS and spiritual practice make it possible for this to happen. Through spiritual meditation the focus of our life will slowly but surely shift to the spirituality.

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The only way to strengthen LOVE is Spiritual Practice

(Frequently asked questions about SPIRITUAL LOVE – Answers given by True Spiritual Gurus/ Masters)

Question: Can you tell us more about Spiritual Love and how we can develop it in ourselves?

Answer: The more you give love, the more it grows. The more you share it, the more you will have it in abundance. The more we share it with his creation, the more he gives us, and the more we feel nearer to God.

Question: Love is very important on the spiritual path. Who helps to develop this love? Does the intiate really have to generate this love himself for the God or will the God himself help the disciple to generate love for the God?

Answer: It’s the Lord’s gift. He gives it. We think that we love. Actually, he gives us his love. We think we love the Lord, but it is he who gives us his devotion and his love. God is within us. He creates that love and devotion within us so that we love him. The love comes from that side, but we have to be receptive to that love. He has given us this bliss, this joy. Nothing comes without his grace. To be frank, it is he who gives us love.

Question: What is the best way to be receptive to spiritual love?

Answer: Well, the best way to be receptive is, when he would like us to be receptive, we will become receptive. He knows the ways and means to make us receptive. But, we have to read the literature, do mindful meditations, help each other, and devote the required time every day, regularly and punctually, to the spiritual practice.

Question: But, if we fail in spiritual path and gets the feeling of guilt for being a bad follower?

Answer: We should never entertain the guilty feelings of being a bad follower. There are no failures in spiritual path guided by the True masters. You are going ahead. You have to go ahead. But you have to first believe in it and then live up to it. The principles on which we have to stand, the time which we have to devote, these are the prerequisite to begin on spiritual path. If we are true followers, we should have no feeling of guilt. Whether you are considered good or bad makes no difference as long as you remain a follower in the true sense and practice spirituality with full dedication and belief.

Question: How does one develop true spiritual love for the Master and other people, when he has grown rather hard in the business world and has almost forgotten brotherly love?

Answer: Well, when it comes, it just comes, that is it. you don’t have to build it. You don’t have to grow it, it comes. When it is God’s grace, it comes. For putting forth the effort, so to say, we should attend to the meditation daily, read literature on spirituality, hear spiritual words of True Masters. All these things help us to develop that Love. But then, all these things can be done only when his grace is there. So, actually it comes back to the same thing that, when he wants us to have it, only then it comes.

Question: How can we increase our love for the Lord?

Answer: The main thing is that it is in the hands of the Lord. We get love when he gives it. But when we are attending to the meditation, the love comes automatically. And when actual love comes within us, all human qualities automatically come in us like cream on milk. You don’t have to fight for those human qualities to get them. They just come. Love brings everything in us. Everybody has virtues in him.But love, the real spiritual love, brings out these virtues.

Difference in Spiritual Love and Worldly Love

In Spiritual Love, you are not conscious of anybody except the object of your love, except your Master or your Lord. In Worldly Love, you are always conscious of others, there is instinct of possession, and then jealousy comes in when you are conscious of others. In spiritual love, there can be no jealousy, for you have forgotten the whole world, whether it exists for you or not, you are just in him. That is the difference.

Note: Do not think too much of the world and worldly things, but do your duty, earn your living and increase the level of spiritual practice and do meditation regularly for spiritual growth.

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