Spiritual Meditation – Dancing with God

Life is a dance. It has twists and turns, ups and downs, some spins, dips and quick steps. Dancing can be fun and flowing or difficult and awkward, just like life itself. With harmony and grace or with two left feet and still clumsy, we are dancing through this incarnation. We are learning the correct steps that will enable us to dance in perfect synchronicity with GOD, the creator of all dances through Spiritual meditation.

spiritual meditationWhat does dancing have to do with attaining God-realization?  There is a popular dance show on local television that allows non professionals to practice, learn and perform dances with professionals. The amateur dancers attempt to master the technique while experiencing the fun of dancing. One may call Spiritual meditation as a science but it’s an art. The lessons are the same life lessons that are required for any discipline we choose to master: submission and surrender, attention, practice, focus and faith. The achieved result is one of flow with one’s partner in complete synchronicity and harmony. And on the SPIRITUAL PATH, one can achieved these results with only spiritual meditation.

One of the first lessons a beginning dancer has to learn is to follow the professional, the master dancer. It is a matter of control, of letting go and letting the master dancer lead. As the amateur relinquishes control and lets go of the tendency to lead, the flow and rhythm of the dance is enhanced. There are many types of dances- fast, slow, traditional, single, partnered, long, short, difficult and easy. Each of us has our own preferences, affection, and talent for the differing dances. Our spiritual path has also been choreographed with complexity and uniqueness for our individual lessons and karmic needs. Through spiritual meditation we can achieve our birth goal. It may sound a bit bitter but to know our birth goal we may again need spiritual meditation to get an answer.  A perfect teacher knows exactly what a student needs. A teacher is said to be perfect once he masters the art of spiritual meditation and gets all his answers and has the ability to teach others this art of spiritual meditation.  Never doubt that the dance of life that he has choreographed is perfect for each of us. Relax and let him lead. Let the flow of the dance manifest itself and just give yourself to spiritual meditation.

In the poem, My sweet crushed angel, by Hafiz as rendered by Daniel Ladinsky, “Soul” is the lady; the Lord represents “Man”. The lady is saying that she doesn’t know how to dance. The lord replies that she doesn’t have to know the steps, just follow his lead. He takes her into his arms; all she has to do is to let go.

You have not danced so badly, my dear,

Trying to hold hands with the beautiful One..

The Lord responds to the longing that we have to end this separation. For each dance steps we take towards him with sincere longing, he dances ten toward us

…You have not danced so badly, my dear,

Trying to hold hands with the beautiful One..

You have actually waltzed with tremendous style…

As our coach and teacher, he sees the beauty within us that we cannot see. He knows that we will lose our ego and be one with him, even though we may not know it. Here comes the art of spiritual meditation where we open our inner eyes to see the beauty within us. This art of spiritual meditation is extremely important to be one with the supreme lord.

When we observe a couple dancing beautifully and harmoniously without missing a step, we are actually witnessing the result of a transformation. The individuals in each other’s arms have transformed from two sets of feet, stepping individually to one set- stepping in harmony. No longer do the footprints of the dancers go off in different  directions; their footprints are synchronised. Their energy and movements have unified. They have become as one. This perfection follows, once we achieve spiritual meditation we become one with the LORD.

From our perspective, deciding where to put our feet and when and where to step seems to have been in our control for eons. We are so accustomed to our own footing. But this is what literally grounds us to this earth plane. When we give up control we feel vulnerable and off balance. We  must not divert and follow the rules of spiritual meditation. When we surrender to another’s lead, we can no longer count on the comfort or security of the familiar steps that we are accustomed to. Henry David Thoreau said:

” As long as a man stands in his own way, everything seems to be in his way…”

By not surrendering, by not giving up control, we stand in our own way. And how can we dance when our own feet are in the way? Our transformation– giving up, surrendering control- is a slow process. We are faced with situations and conversations in which we have choices to be right , to do it our own way, to be first, to prove others wrong, or to let go and just be. Surrender. Each time we acquiesce to another, allow another to go first, to be right, or when we step aside, we are learning the correct dance steps for complete surrender of control.

Joan Borysenko writes:

The paradox of control is simple. The more we try to control life, the less control we have.

Minding the body, Mending the Mind

The interesting thing about our spiritual dance is that once we let go of control of our steps and we begin to fall, we fall into the arms, security and strength of the Lord. He is our anchor, our stability. God will catch each of us whenever and wherever we are. He cannot drop us. He is the superman of all men. But he can only carry us, lead us , if we let go, and when we do – that instant, that split second – he is carrying us so closely that we actually become him.

Set peace of mind as your highest goal. Surrender yourself to God by doing Spiritual Meditation.

If you really submit to the Lord, really surrender your mind to the Lord, if you give yourself to the lord – then you don’t have to do anything at all. You have no responsibility in whatever you may do.

In order to become one with the Lord we need to lose our sense of self. Let go off the ego. If we look at ego as an acronym, it has been defines as ‘Edging God Out. So true! Every time we speak or act from a sense of self, we are not acknowledging God, therefore we are edging him out. There is a simple relationship that deals with the same definition:

If there is ego, there is no God.

So we need not learn anything, acquire any skill, attain anything or go anywhere. We just need to let go off the ego. Do Spiritual Meditation. Once there is no sense of self, every thought, word and deed comes from a point of love. Then and only then, we can become transformed and enjoy the perfection and harmony of God’s Dance.  The above defines the dying need for every human to practice the art of  spiritual meditation.

We all experience moments of joy, moments of complete exhilaration. These are the moments when one gets chill or begins to cry and their hair strands on end. There are moments when we are communing with the Lord. At present, these moments may happen occasionally but the dance of transformation will leave us experiencing these feelings continuously. Our human purpose is to learn our dance steps, fumble through new ways of stepping, new ways of speaking, so that our life experience is one of peace. And peace is knowing that God provides and that God decides. All this communication is done through spiritual meditation. 

May today there be peace within.

May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

May you not forget infinite possibilities that are born of faith.

May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.

Be content knowing that you are a child of God… Let this settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each of us.

Saint teresa

The sound to which God dances is compelling, inspiring and enchanting. He is the ultimate Pied Piper. Once embraced by his celestial music, our soul cannot help but dance with joy. For every note within is a connection to God, to the master. It is dance of harmony and love. We learn these steps one step at a time, via spiritual meditation, one syllable at a time, for we are the dance partner of God and the class name is spiritual meditation.

Spiritual Dance Can Be learned Through Spiritual Meditation Only!

Whether the answer to your question is in six pages or in a book or in one line, the answer is the same: spiritual meditation! It depends upon how much time you want to take to understand that answer – whether by reading the whole book or by understanding only one or two words.

I urge all to read this post of mine on Spiritual meditation and it will give you the way to become one with lord and also help and motivate you to learn the art of spiritual meditation. This class called Spiritual meditation is not the final destination but it helps you take the right decision to reach your goal. Spiritual meditation helps you to fulfil the purpose of life. You just need to give some time daily to yourself to learn and practice this art of spiritual meditation. You might get lost sometimes while doing spiritual meditation so best is to take the help of an expert who has already hacked the art of spiritual meditation.

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