Spiritual Growth : The Most Noble Act Of Love

From time to time we all have to face some pretty difficult situations. But when things get really bad, we instinctively know that we should try to find peace by raising ourselves above the turmoil of events that are affecting us. No doubt, the essence of the spiritual path is learning to withdraw from outward events and the whirl of emotions that surround them. By turning within we learn to seek out that inner place of peace where events no longer have any pull or power over us. And from here we starts our journey to Spiritual Growth.

It is not an easy process at the best of times. Probably most of us  thought that the path to spiritual liberation would be far more gentle and agreeable than it is. But it is a process set in motion by a stronger and more determined will than ours. We tend to think that our LORD is so good and loving that we will always be protected from painful events. However, some sufferings must be endured if we are to emerge as free spirits, able to rise to that level of consciousness where pain and pleasure no longer affect us. We should be encouraged by the thought that the joy of such a state far out weighs any discomfort we may have experienced in getting there. The process that is helping us out of this creation is LOVE itself.

The big question is : How can we bring ourselves to surrender to LORD and achieve Spiritual Growth?

If we mediate upon Lord’s Name, we will emerge with Him – we will become Him. Anyone who is filled with Divine Light, himself becomes divine light. You become the image of the one you think about constantly.

Journey To Spiritual Growth

Although the process is clearly effective, we have to admit that we don’t always understand how it operates. When we give our best efforts to meditation, we are often faced with a long and frustrating wait before anything of a spiritual nature / spiritual growth happens to us. Sometimes our faith wavers and we begin to seriously wonder why the LORD is so slow to respond. But we cannot see our own shortcomings. Perhaps we are approaching the path with some residual ego – subconsciously thinking that our efforts must please the LORD. We may see our devotion as some kind of ritual, a bargain we can strike with the father, as in : Lord, I will give you so much devotion in exchange for so much grace. 

Mystics speak of the element of pride in us when they say we may be more in need of his forbearance when we obey him than when we disobey him. We may take pride in our obedience, but real obedience is accompanied by a sense of personal merit or worthiness. Our efforts  may appear to be no more than feeble gesture made to please the LORD, gestures powerless to invoke his grace. This is when surrender begins. And this is when we begin to sense the support that comes from that power within. The sincerity of our effort is often tested by our powerlessness to achieve  spiritual progress. But the mystics tell us not to be disheartened when our efforts bring no apparent awareness of divine presence.

Do not mind whether you see any light within or not, or whether the sound is audible. You simply do your duty and leave the results to the God. When a man pays wages to one who works for him, do you think that the LORD would not do so? He alone knows what is good for us and when it is to be given. He will pay in abundance. Have faith in him.

Need Of True Master for Spiritual Growth

If we are not careful we can become complacent and look for solace in the outer trappings of Sant mat. We tend to lose our focus on the essential spiritual effort required to succeed. But when we persist with our devotion, eventually a magical event begin to occur. On the very deepest levels of our being we begin to lose our need to be personally involved in the process. We begin to submit to the power within, which commands our destiny.

We start to embrace the Master’s ability to shake us by the roots, to lovingly transform us. Though we had no hand in its doing, we are enchanted by the sense of joy and liberation that the Master’s help is giving us . As we give up and let go, we look inside more and ore for the friendship and company of our master and increasingly lose interest in our personal aspirations.

It may be a long and painful process. We come to Sant mat in innocence, attracted by the brightness and love that surrounds the Master. But it is not as easy as we initially think. The Master makes his own bargain for us, for it is a story of great love between the Master and disciple. Inevitably we suffer to some extent, having to face the consequences of our previous actions, but we always remain in the arms of the one who is our compassionate Guide.

There is more love that we can imagine in the Mater’s response to our needs. But his mission is to free us , not to cuddle us. He loves us at the deepest level. He is determined that we shall gain that ultimate freedom. Our love is only to be consummated when all is pure, when we have utterly surrendered. Then instinctively we begin to merge into the inner power, into the presence of our Master and the Shabd. Then the embrace of his love becomes truly eternal.

We don’t always know how to find the courage to acts as Master would like or to maintain our balance in life. We are often so assailed with self-pity, pain and anger or are being so forcefully pulled outward by our preoccupations and desires that spirituality seems totally irreverent. But experience has shown us that the answer is always there for us when we are willing to stop whatever we are doing and turn our thoughts inward and honestly try to relate to the Master within. It may take an apparently heroic effort to tear ourselves away from what is going on, but as soon as we really focus on him one-pointedly we begin to find relief. At all times a tremendous force of loving support from the Master is there for us, whether we see it or not.

What a wonderful and powerful blessings it is to have the ability to sit still and put our thoughts and feelings before our LORD at the third eye. When we gradually concentrate our focus, persisting despite all the distractions and desires to go back out to our external activities, then the sense of spiritual growth intensifies. The Master offers us the most powerful support, a stream of loving consciousness that touches our innermost heart and pull us gradually, inevitably towards its SOURCE. But clearly, the effect of his support increases the more we consciously focus in his direction.

The eye focus is a most wonderful place, a refuge from the world, and a doorway to the most incredible adventure anyone could experience. So we look towards our home and take the hand that is most generously offered to us by our dear friend. In the end, there are two factors at work: we are obliged to force ourselves to put in long hours of MEDITATION and, at the same time, the pain of outer events is compelling us to take solace within. But in both situations we are blessed.

Rumi put it very beautifully (in Daylight, Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski)

Though destiny a hundred times waylays you, in the end it pitches a tent for you in heaven. It is God’s kindness to terrify you in order to lead you to safety.

To die today, to die a little every day in his company is the most noble act of love, the wisest choice, the blessings of those who wants to discover journey to spiritual growth and wish to surrender to the Lord and become one with him.

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