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Imagine that you are looking towards a window. You can do one of two things, you can let your eyes dwell on the window itself, in which case you will see the frame and the glass and the cross pieces; maybe also the fittings or an insect crawling on the glass; or you can let your eyes travel further, right through the glass and see the view on the other side. Perhaps you will see a tree with a bird alighting in its branches. In this case the details of the window itself-though they are still there in our line of sight- are going to become almost irrelevant.We call the part that the human eye plays in this, ‘FOCUS’. It’s that reaching in and reaching out effect. We do the same kind of thing with modern equipment. Think of a camera with  a zoom lens so that you can choose what part of the view it’s going to pick out. Or the ability of your computer to select a feature and magnify it. While it does that, the other things disappear, but they can be re-called when you want to give them your attention again.In the same way that we can focus our eyes or replicate the action of the eyes with technology, we usually have some kind of focus in life. Our main focus could be on a physical/material level (our food, our clothes, our physical needs); on an emotional level (friends, families, relationships); a mental/intellectual level (careers, study, thoughts, entertainment); or on a spiritual level. That makes it sound as if these things are exclusive of each other. Of course, they are not. We human beings operate with all these aspects of ourselves at one time. Still, when one aspect is emphasized, that’s our focus. It becomes the main viewpoint and the others become the surrounding blur. So this article is about holding on to a spiritual focus in life.

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Spiritual Focus in Life

In the following poem, Kabir Sahib plaintively tells of the fact that on the whole, we are focused on the physical and mental and not on our souls or the spiritual:

No-one tells me about the bird

That sings within the body

A bird of no color

A bird of no form,

Living under the shade of Nam.

It hops, it pecks, it eats,

And from branch to branch it flies,

No one knows where it comes from,

No one knows what makes it sing.

Kabir, Kabir The weaver of God’s Name

That entity that he describes as a bird is our soul, and what he says is so true. In our families, do we talk about the SOUL?  How can we talk about ” a bird of no color, a bird of no foam”- about a soul we can’t see or hear or otherwise experience? The only way to get news of the soul is to go to someone who has developed to such an extent that he can see and hear that bird, the soul within us, and who is able to teach us how to do the same, how to realize our own spiritual nature.

Who Is A True Master (Saint) and How He Teaches Us To Hold On to Spiritual Focus?

Such a person is the true master who is The radiant sun of purity, universal wisdom, truth and spirituality. He is spiritual, and seekers of spirituality gather round him like moths and make their lives fruitful by obtaining spiritual benefits.. Saints (Masters) are pouring souls who come from the highest abode and accept imprisonment in the cage of a human body for fulfilling the task of taking the souls back to the Lord.

Spiritual Focus

The job that all Masters fulfil is to address the needs of our souls. The Master gives us the means of keeping a Spiritual Focus which is actually as straightforward as using the focus button on a camera.

In the Master’s teachings, he will tell us the story of our soul. Actually, the master doesn’t even need to talk about souls in words. His whole being is saturated with spirituality and talks to us without any words.

There is a story told about a Jewish mystic who said: ‘I did not go to the Master to learn the scriptures from him, but to watch him tie his bootlaces.” He meant that every little thing the Master does, even tying his bootlaces in this case, speaks of the spiritual life. However, the Masters do also speak to us in the conventional sense. Kabir Sahib uses the metaphor of a bird, to tell us about reincarnation and transmigration. The situation of the soul is that it moves around. It is a displaced person, if you like. It gives life to this body and mind that it now occupies but it flies” from branch to branch” – it goes from life to life, from body to body. He continues:

Boundless and eternal

Is the bird’s true home;

If the bird will only return

To its original home

It will not be forced

To come and go again.

Continuing his metaphor , Kabir says that the tree on which the bird of our souls sits, is covered in creepers and that they throw “shadows dark and dense”

His meaning is that with our body and mind we have performed all sorts of actions and they are blocking the light of the soul. The soul is light and love and bliss, but the tangled mass of karma makes our lives difficult and darkly when it should be straightforward. The Master teaches us how to take our attention out of this tangled mass that surrounds us and how to focus our attention at his headquarters on the MIND and SOUL in the body, THE EYE CENTRE. This is the base of spiritual focus.

If we can practice the the art of spiritual focus on a regular, daily basis, the attention currents of our mind will gradually gather, temporarily leave the lower part of the body, and attach themselves to the Spirit within. The mind, attracted  by the Sound, will be able to focus more and more deeply within that spirit current and experience the higher levels of consciousness that can be found within the human brain.

The mind will eventually be able to realize its own origin and the soul, previously attached to the mind, will find out its own divine source.

The words of the Masters- the promises of the Master-can be tested by us here and now. If we ask for and receive invitation, the Master will pass on a simple method of spiritual practise.

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Reflections on True Master  (He gives us the means of keeping a Spiritual Focus.)

There is an Indian saying – if the world were without its Masters. it would perish in its own terrible fires. And what are those fires? The scorching, destructive heat of human discontent! Human beings are the creatures with every advantage – with heart, body and mind. We are the most sophisticated and beautifully fashioned creatures in the universe still we are forever discontent because we don’t understand the simple order of things and search feverishly, and unremittingly, for a contentment which eludes us! Called materialism, materialism can be the death of life as we know it. War, fundamentalism, bigotry, intolerance, terrorism – all arise from this misunderstanding of life’s own inherent order.

And what is that simple order we don’t understand? It is the order that places the creator power in all things, the power that holds life in order. Within and without, infinitely subtle, intelligent, mysterious and sacred, the creator power is one for all. It is the heart of all that lives. It enlivens the creator’s own manifestations which we see, feel and experience in this world into which we have been born. When it leaves us, we die and disintegrate – we literally fall apart.

Instead of behaving like kings – with the creator power of the universe inside us causing our hearts to beat – we behave like beggars, hands ever outstretched, scouring the alleyways of existence looking to fulfil our wants. Ignorant of our extraordinary nature, we live like our animal brethren. but unlike them, we can’t get enough of anything. Discontent, disappointment, frustration, and fear make us fight, compete, grab and steal from each other and from the earth. Forever needy, we think this the way we will get what we want. Look around you! Look at what we are doing to each other and the earth! Do we need more evidence to tell us that as species, we must have got something wrong?

And into the inferno comes the master to give hope and direction with that special act of spiritual focus, While their message may be spoken in different languages at different times, they themselves are nothing but the reflection of that single all- embracing power that is the Creator – call it what you want, it is immaterial! What it is- and this we know with our own eyes- is LOVE. See the Master in action and how it upholds you with the gift of spiritual focus! See a million faces turned towards one person-each face pulled upward by the irresistible power of love, and longing for love, and longing for union. Pulled by nature’s own magnetic force of love that draws each heart together with its essence-though that essence may be deeply buried-awakening within each person the knowledge of a love without limits, of a love that is there within each of one of us. The Master awakens that love in even the most stony and cynical of life-hardened hearts. A true master holds unlimited love for us and is a master of attained spiritual focus. 

Farmers, workers, educated, uneducated, old, young, women, men, sophisticated, simple, criminal, law-abiding, virtuous, uncouth-all faces upturned as one, all receiving one reminder of love and mercy. Tears in the eyes of some, the nectar and life giving water of a heart set free to flow, all are silent and attentive, all softened by the power of love. Mercy, kindness, compassion, humour, affection, wisdom, selflessness, generosity-Master’s includes all. He is sent by the GOD to help us attain the Spiritual Focus in life so that we don’t get distracted from the spiritual path defining the real purpose of life.


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