Spiritual Enlightenment And Cosmic Energy Meditation

SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT is a unique journey  which can change your life in a positive way. This journey  makes you more knowledgeable and blissful and in true sense it will enrich your soul. Spiritual enlightenment is all about Meditation and Meditational Experiences.

In this whole universe, we are just a tiny speck. Everyone in this world is in search for good health, knowledge, inner peace, prosperity and overall a happy, healthy and blissful life at all given times and circumstances. Every single person is striving hard to achieve this state and live a blissful life. But the question on achieving this is still a mystery to millions.

One can achieve this state only by understanding cosmic energy meditation and higher self-knowledge.

What Is Cosmic Energy Meditation and How It Helps To Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment?

The Cosmic Energy presents everywhere in the Cosmos. The galaxies, the planets, humans and molecules are bonded with each other by this universal energy called  cosmic energy. This is ‘the energy’ between each and everything and keeps the whole cosmos in order. The cosmic energy is important in maintaining the order of our lives and helps to expand our higher consciousness. It is the foundation for all our actions and functions. We get a small amount of cosmic energy when we are in deep sleep and in complete silence. One uses this cosmic energy for the daily activities of the mind like seeing, speaking, listening, thinking and other actions of our body. This limited cosmic energy which we received through deep sleep is not sufficient for these activities. And this the reason why we feel exhausted, tensed, and tired. And ultimately becomes the reason for all physical and mental stress and all types of illness.

The solution for this is only “Meditation.” We can obtained cosmic energy in abundance only through meditation and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Understanding Meditation

Meditation takes our consciousness towards the self-knowledge. It is the journey of our consciousness from Body to Brain/Mind; Brain/Mind to Intellect, Intellect to Self and beyond. Many people don’t know that even when we are sleeping we are into unconscious meditation and we receive some amount of Cosmic Energy while sleeping . But we receive abundant Cosmic Energy when we are in DEEP MEDITATION (i.e conscious sleep)

Better understanding of things involved and their purpose toward Spiritual Enlightenment :-


Energy Body

When we say Energy Body we actually define the structure for the Consciousness. Humans have 72000 Nadis which forms for the Energy Body. This can also be defined as energy pipes which spread all across the body. All these so-called energy transmitting tubes starts from the very head region. This region is also called ‘Bramha Randra’. These Nadis spread throughout our body similar to the roots of a tree. Our Bramha controls everything. This is the supreme power. Energy Body is the main base for the design of our life. You can say that Energy Body is the main source for all our actions/reactions and even existence. Our energy body also needs power to perform and this power is again cosmic energy which our energy body receives during the sound sleep and Meditation. We all use this energy for our body and mind to function well.

Pyramid Power

Pyramid is said to be the most stable structure, which receives the highest Cosmic Energy. Pyramid can be constructed with any substances. Substances make no difference in the receiving of the Cosmic Energy. Pyramid has to be aligned to perfect cardinal directions – east, west, north and south. Cosmic Energy gets accumulated at 1/3rd height starting from the bottom of the Pyramid. This place is known as King’s Chamber which has maximum cosmic energy spreading it throughout the Pyramid. A crystal is located on the apex of the Pyramid, multiplies and distributes the Cosmic Energy throughout the Pyramid. Pyramid are most useful as they helps us in communication with higher frequencies. Meditation in the Pyramid helps in Healing and for all Meditational Experiences and Spiritual Enlightenment .

Third Eye

Higher frequencies exists and we need to open third eye to experience them. These three (See, Feel, Hear) activities of the soul are termed as features of Third Eye. When the Cosmic Energy flows heavily, the Third Eye gets activated. when the third eye is activated, strange feeling like itching or you can say  pulling sensation on the forehead region. We start ‘seeing’ glimpses of different colors flying and circling around us. We ‘see’ pitch-dark color. We ‘hear’ murmuring sounds, sound of walking. And here starts our true journey of spiritual enlightenment. This experience may vary from person to person. It’s just a refreshing and happy experience.

Third Eye Perfection:

Our Third Eye gets perfected when the Etheric Body gets abundant Cosmic Energy.  While perfecting third eye, we tend to ‘see’ so many things more crystal clear than the physical visions. We ‘see’ other frequency realities, things which are far from five senses. We ‘feel’ so many things, We ‘hear’ inner voices. We ‘see’ True Masters who may or may not be there with us in physical form. We ‘see’ real masters in a physical form, and this form appears to take glow as white light as we go deeper in meditation and ultimately the identity of the true master is revealed. We can ‘hear’ the messages from the Masters.  Third Eye Experiences or spiritual enlightenment makes us to know that: We can get answers for all our problems in life by communicating with the real masters or by ‘seeing’ other frequency realities or as a ‘feeling’.

This changes everything including Our actions, Our beliefs and Our Understanding.

Astral Travel

This is hard to explain but it’s a travel of our Astral Body into other frequency realities. Astral Body is nothing but just another form of our consciousness similar to our very own physical body. When we receive a sufficient amount of Energy and when we ‘feel’ the need to understand and  perceive the other energies of frequency realities, the consciousness moves in the form of Astral Body. There is a solid reason behind dreams, we perceive the Astral Body experiences unconsciously in sleep, which we call as DREAMS. But when we are awake we can perceive Astral Body experiences through meditation.

Astral body has no boundaries it travels beyond space and time into new dimensions.  We feel as if our body is floating. We stop feeling our the hands and legs. We ‘feel’ our body is as light as feather. These are known as ASTRAL MOVEMENTS.


Make meditation as the way of life as we need more and more Cosmic Energy to improves our involvement in what we are in. By more and more total involvement with SOUL-MIND-BODY, we understand IN-TOTAL about the situations but gain more KNOWLEDGE. Common man just understands the physical body so all his experiences of the situation are understood with respect to the physical body alone. But a Master will Understand the situation in TOTAL because he understands that he is not just a Body, but he knows that he stays in that Body. He understands that the situations are for his experience in gaining knowledge.

After experiencing all meditational experiences, and implementing it in our practical life, we will understand ‘in depth understanding of the spiritual enlightenment’. This Understanding opens up several thousands of doors which gives new dimensions of perceptions in our life. This situation is called Nirvana as it gives the knowledge and purpose of our existence. When we are one with our higher self we stop fearing death as it’s a worldly thing. We now understand birth and death in detail. This leads to the expansion of our Consciousness. This is nothing but having the WISDOM.

Life after Life – Birth and Death what are they

The answer to this question is that We are the Consciousness and we come to this Earth plane as a speck of Cosmic Consciousness. While coming from our very own source, we come with an Etheric Body as a structure for the Self. We come to this Earth plane to have unique experiences. It may sound little strange but for our experiences, we select the womb, parents, environment and situations. The whole blueprint of life is always known to the higher Self. Birth is nothing but first experience of new plane outside mother’s womb. We had all the universal knowledge when we were in womb, this knowledge is taken away slowly from us when we take birth for it to be discovered later.

If one starts one’s life being with the Self, he will always feel blissful in any given situations. Even after Death, he won’t be in the lower frequencies. He will go back to the Source.

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Spiritual Enlightenment

Achieving Higher Knowledge through Third Eye, Astral Travel, Knowledge of Birth and Death one will have the ultimate understanding of Body, Mind, Intellect, Self and Life force.

By living all the time with this understanding, and further meditation we slowly start getting much higher understanding about the Existence of whole Creation and fulfill the purpose of life. This is what we call SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT. Understand that consciousness is the mix of Energy and Knowledge. Consciousness comes to this plane called earth to gain more Energy and Knowledge and to Create. Rediscover the knowledge within and don’t fall prey to the worldly distractions. Be the enlightened and practice to receive more and more cosmic energy through meditation and achieve the spiritual enlightenment to lead a blissful life.


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