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When we speak of my mind, we are technically correct in our choice of the pronoun “my”. That which provides our individuality is our mind, a mechanism that contains the personal karmas that form our individual identity. If we then speak of my body, we are also technically correct, as our body is the vehicle through which our individual karmas operate at a physical level. But, to then go on to refer to my soul would be incorrect. Mind and body are part of an individual identity that have their origin in the causal region, but the soul is a fragment of the Divine from the highest region of spirituality. It becomes temporarily associated and fused with mind’s identity, but it never belongs to the mind. This post is all about connection of soul, mind and body and their role in attaining salvation and considering the pronoun of soul, mind and body.

soul, mind and body

How can one attain Salvation and what is the role of one’s soul, mind and body in this path?

We have separated from GOD. If you want a real inner peace or salvation, you need to give the soul back to God, its source, by practicing spirituality. In order to attain salvation we must live a honest life and meditate on Lord. We have to  incorporate spiritual meditation into our healthy routine to help balance our soul mind and body. We have to try and recognize that soul doesn’t belong to us and set the task of handing it back to God. But this handing back of the soul poses a problem. The problem being that the soul is bound to the mind, and although the mind may have its part to play in providing the tool for the soul’s experience in these lower levels of creation, it is not in charge of itself. It has lost its will to sense and matter. If it had charge of itself, it would be in a position to hand itself over to the God and as a consequences, bring about its own  and the soul’s release from their unnatural ties with matter. But the situation is such that the mind has first to be reformed and trained away from its love of matter and sense. When this is done, it’s will become strong, and being then able to take charge of itself, it can give itself to the God (the Divine Source). The body is our outer shell and  is a product of both the mind and soul. To reform and train your mind, you need fit and healthy body, then only you are able to give your soul back to lord. This is how soul, mind and body connected to each other and to fulfil the actual purpose of life you need to balance soul, mind and body which can only be possible through SPIRITUAL MEDITATION.

So, returning to the matter of pronouns. Yes it is my body. It is my mind, albeit not very much under my control. But it is not my soul or a human soul. It is his soul. That’s why certain appointed mystics are in these lower worlds. To collect their souls, merge them into their spirit form, and merge the spirit form back into its original source. So, the SPIRITUAL MEDITATIVE way of life modifies the possessive attitude to soul, mind and body. The mind gradually realizes a little of what it really is.

Namely, that although it exploits the soul, the soul does not belong to it- never has, never will. When the mind experiences this, it can begin to acquire a more realistic perspective of its status, and give itself over to the power of the divine source, whereby the merging of the individual mind with the universal mind can take place. The soul then being free of the individuality of the mind is able to briefly experience itself, but not for long. The soul which is free from soul, mind and body connection can easily go back to the lord and end the cycle of rebirths.

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Spiritual Quotes – Soul, Mind and Body

  • “When the individual soul rises even higher and unites with the universal soul, it is neither I, me, nor mine. It is free from soul, mind and body connection. It acquires a state of unity, and exists beyond  the reach of attribute, form and name. In a state of unity there is no longer a need to consider the pronoun.”


  • “You have wandered through many many births; you are exhausted but have still not found a way out of this endless cycle.” – Guru Nanak, Adi Granth
  • “It doesn’t matter how long we may have been stuck in a sense of our limitations. If we go into a darkened room and turn on the light, it doesn’t matter if the room has been dark for a day, for a week, or ten thousand years – we turn on the light and it is illuminated. Once we contact our capacity for love and happiness – the light has been turned on.”  – Sharon Salzberg, as quoted in words on Love and Caring.

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