Perfect Eye Makeup Tips – Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Perfect Eye Makeup Tips

Perfect Eye Makeup Tips

This post is a Beginner’s guide to perfect eye makeup from using primer, picking correct brushes, choosing eye shadows, application method and perfect eye makeup tips and tricks! Try out this simple, quick natural/no-makeup look today! Below are the detail information about the products and brushes which are must for basic eye make up and step by step guide on how to apply perfect eye makeup.


Perfect Eye Makeup Tips

Primer helps our eye makeup to last longer and prevents the oil from creasing up the eye shadow.

  • Perfect Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks By experts: If you don’t have primer, you could use concealer or foundation as alternative and set it with a little bit of loose powder to keep it lasting longer. It is kind of old fashion now.

Suggestion: NYX HD High Definition Eye Shadow Base 


Eye shadows come in different textures, tones and shades. So, it will be kind of confusing. But you really need four eye shadows to create a basic eye makeup look.

  • Perfect Eye Makeup TipsFirstly, a HIGHLIGHTER
    • This should be at least one shade lighter than your skin.
    • Perfect Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks By experts: You could also use your facial highlighter which is a great way to bring your look together.
  • Secondly, one MATTE MID TONE
    • This will help you to blend out your eye makeup softly.
    • Perfect Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks By expertsTry using a matte bronzer if you can’t find a one.
  • Thirdly, a CONTOUR SHADE
    • This should be at least 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone and this will add shape and shadow.
  • Lastly, a MATTE BLACK EYE SHADOW which can be used in terms of different ways.

Suggestion : Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette – Perfect for neutral or smoky looks!


You need at least three brushes in order to get perfect basic eye makeup look.

    • Used for applying eye shadows and pigments.
    • Perfect Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks By experts : When you are using this brush glide it over the eye shadow or press lightly to pick it up.
Perfect Eye Makeup Tips

Flat stiff brush

  • A small SMUDGE BRUSH
    • Used for detailed work. But this is optional.
Perfect Eye Makeup Tips

Smudge Brush

  • Most importantly a BLENDING BRUSH.
    • This is soft and fluffy.
    • Perfect Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks By experts : When you are using this brush slightly dip the tip of the brush in the eye shadow.
 Perfect Eye Makeup Tips

Blending Brush


How To Apply Eye Shadow- Perfect Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners.


Perfect Eye Makeup Tips

Step by step guide (Perfect Eye Makeup Tips)

Step 1) Begin with the flat stiff brush and the lightest eye shadow or highlighter.

  • Start right in the inner corner of your lid, as this is where we want the concentration of the product to be. And then you can blend it across the lid. Apply it as normal, but try to focus on your inner corner to give it real shimmer and shine.
  • Take the flat brush again and pick the highlighter and apply this underneath the arch of your eyebrows. If you don’t want it too shimmery, then gently wipe off the excess.
    • Perfect Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks By experts : a) When you pick up too much eye shadow, tap off the excess. Never blow on your brushes, it is unhygienic.

b) Here is the fun trick. Dampen the tip of your brush, but don’t soak it and brush off any excess. Then pick up the little of the product. Don’t worry, it won’t ruin your product.

Step 2) Next take your fluffy blending brush and mid tone.

  • Keep your eyes open for this. Blend above the crease. Start from the outer corner and work inwards this time.
  • Perfect Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks By experts : If you aren’t sure where to stop blending, place the brush at edge of your nose and towards the edge of your eyebrow and create an imaginary line. Everything below this needs to be kept clear. So blend your eye shadows inward from this point.

Step 3) Third step is Contouring.

  • Remember to keep the eye shadow at the very tip of the brush and start from the outer corner and blend it into the crease of the outer half of the eyes. Your mid tone is always higher than your contour so its important not to blend this up too high.
  • Go back to your clean mid tone blending brush and soften the edges but you shouldn’t need to reapply.

Step 4) Darken the look to get smoky edge

  • Take a little bit black eye shadow with the same brush and apply to the outer edge of the eye. Keep it as close to eyelash line as possible.

Step 5) Apply Black eyeshadow underneath upper lash line

  • Sweep black eye shadow slightly underneath and smudge it with your smudge brush.

Step 6) Apply eyeshadow on Lower lashline

  • For underneath your eye, you need same flat stiff brush. Just wipe it to clean. Take the mixture of your contour and mid tone and sweep this underneath of your eye. Right on outer corner to meet that inner corner highlight. You can also join to the outer edge.

7) Apply Mascara

  • Complete this look by curling your eyelashes and adding some Mascara. Apply mascara right to the root and bring it towards the tip.
  • Perfect Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks By experts :
    • If you always end up your mascara on your skin. Use a mascara shield or piece of card.
    • Don’t: While using mascara the big mistake we all can make is by pumping it. This only pushes air inside and causes it to dry up quicker. So avoid doing this.

Soon we will be adding things like eyeliner and fake eye lashes to complete the look.

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Follow these simple seven steps and use our perfect eye makeup tips and get the amazing natural/no makeup look for everyday life. It’s all just take practice. Have fun.



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