Neon Makeup Tutorial: Let’s Try Something New

Women are obsessed with makeup and always want to try out latest makeup trends. While PERFECT EYE MAKEUP seems to be the most dominating yet confusing part of the complete makeup.  As spring season has already started, we women are ready  to try out those spring neon makeup look which are latest in trends! But there is always a fear in mind how to wear neon makeup without looking like a big weirdo. Well, we decided to face our fear head-on by trying some vibrant, earthy hues. Let me introduce you with some of the most famous/confused neon makeups which are making hype over the internet. Everyone seems to be speaking about them but very few seems to know how to exactly apply them. This post is a step by step guide for neon makeup lovers and want to try something new. Let’s spotlight hot pink, blue and lime green NEON eye shadows for the days. We will be discussing how to apply neon makeup and TIPS AND TRICKS related to the application of these in brief.

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Not to get confused, you should always go ahead and test these makeups in private before demonstrating or wearing them in public. You are always open to experiment your very own trick as I believe there is some level of creativity in every women and it works out most of the time. We will be mainly talking on the following as listed below.

  1. How to get a totally awesome pink eyeshadow look that will most definitely turn heads in the spring. Pink is famous and NEON pink can be called a killer.
  2. Face our fear head-on by trying a bright lime green eyeshadow look. It may not come naturally and might take some time to get adjusted but worth a try,
  3. An effort to mentally prepare ourselves for spring and all of its colorful glory by learning the art of applying the highly infamous Vibrant Blue Neon makeup.

Neon Makeup – Step By Step Guide For 3 NEON EyeShadows


neon makeup PinkNeon Makeup – Hot Pink Eyeshadow

  • Step 1: Apply eye primer onto your eyelids. Don’t skip this step as the primer will help your eyeshadow pigment truly pop and stand out. Now take a flat-ended eyeshadow brush (wet it with little bit of water) and dip it in a hot pink, powder-based eyeshadow (Rose used “Savage” from the Urban Decay Electric palette). Along the upper lash line draw a thick dramatic line and wing it softly. Make sure that the line should cover about half part of the lid. Redraw the line if you like to have more intensity.
  • Step 2: Pick up a light amount of your pink eyeshadow with a blending shadow brush and start buffing out your shadow line so it extends past the crease. Do not blend past your wing — let it be the barrier for your shadow.
  • Step 3: Take an angled shadow brush and damp it with little bit of water and re-draw the line along with the upper lash line as you did in Step 1. This will add more intensity to the eyelids.
  • Step 4: Finish the look with applying highlighter on the eyebrow bone and inner corners of the eyes.


neon makeup BlueNeon Makeup – Vibrant Blue Eyeshadow

  • Step 1: Apply eye primer onto your eyelids. Draw a line along the upper lash line using a neon blue eyeliner (Dawn used NYX Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Sapphire) and wing the ends slightly. Re-draw the line to add more intensity.
  • Step 2: Take an angled shadow brush and dip it in bright blue eye shadow shade (like “Chaos” from the Urban Decay Electric Palette) and draw a  line along the lower lid. Using blending brush gently buff out the color.


neon makeup lime greenNeon Makeup – Soft Lime Green Eyeshadow 

  • Step 1: Draw a thick, bold cat eye on the upper lash line using a black liquid eyeliner.
  • Step 2: Take lime green EYE SHADOW and smudge it along the entire lower lash line (Dawn used “Freak” from the Urban Decay Electric palette). In order to give smoky look you need to buff out the shadow.
  • Step 3: Apply neon green liquid liner at the lower corner of your cat eye wing  (like NYX Vivid Brights in 03 Vivid Escape).
  • Step 4: Finish off your neon makeup look by applying your go-to mascara on your top and bottom eyelashes!

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So, what are you waiting for? Try out these latest spring neon makeup trends. These are very easy to apply and will give fresh new makeup look.


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