Natural Makeup Tips For SWEATY SUMMERS And Products To Live By

For women like me who loves to wear makeup sometimes find it hard to wear the perfect makeup during summers due to challenges of sweat and humidity. We often end up in flaky/cakey look which washes away with sweat as we move along. Its very frustrating to see all that makeup draining down the face in lines with sweat, so instead of looking beautiful we actually look like  a clown wearing a second face which is coming out. This fear of sweat kills the confidence within us forcing us to always focus on makeup, which sometimes puts us away from our normal life. I have a combination skin type and after too much of experiments I have the answer to my problem and can actually think of the struggle coming to an end for women with combination skin. Please read my post on sweatproof natural makeup tips for summers to better understand what makeup products actually worked for me. These makeup products are perfect for summer, especially in cities where you really want to wear makeup in day time but due to hot weather, you can’t.

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Waterproof Natural Makeup – Step By Step Guide

1) Sunblock

Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 40natural makeup

It’s a High-level daily sunscreen in a sheer, weightless formula. It protects against sun and environmental damage with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun block and antioxidants. It is for all skins, even the most sensitive. You can wear alone or as an invisible makeup primer.  This sunblock is perfect for me and helps me getting that natural makeup look.

How to use it 

  • Wash your face and apply a thin layer onto your clear skin.
  • Using fingertips, apply to cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Blend.
  • It goes on little bit white in the beginning but you need to blend it in well.
  • As my skin is pretty much combination especially in hot weather summer, I wouldn’t personally wear any heavy moisturizer or creams. For me using this block is enough moisturizing but still I use light matte moisturizer on my t-zone


2) Moisturizer

natural makeupDecleor Aroma Purete Matt Finish Skin Fluid Day Care for Unisex  

I use something that would mattify over the top because though I use oil free sunblock but still my t- zone area remain shiny because of my combination skin type. And I want matte look on the centre of my face in hot weather. This Decleor Aroma Purete Matt Finish Skin Fluid Daycare is perfect for me and helps me to get that flawless natural makeup look

I don’t use it all over my face. I only use it either side of my nose, chin and forehead.

But again really thin layer well blended. Avoid putting too much sunblock, too much moisturizer , too much primer and everything piled on top. It is a recipe for disaster. Very very thin layers well blended and smoothen into the skin so that everything in synergy with the skin and not sitting on the top and building on.


3) Foundation

natural makeupEstee Lauder Double Wear Light Stay-in-place Makeup

Next onto foundation, and if you love to wear foundation even in the hot weather and don’t wanna go out without it, so I recommend using  a more long-lasting one. A good one is Estee Lauder double wear light because it is not to heavy but I found it to be amazingly long-lasting.

  • Blend this foundation with a blending brush (I use MAC 187 DUO FIBRE FACE BRUSH).
  • Don’t take too much foundation as we have to keep it light and just apply where you needed.
  • Secret of getting flawless natural makeup look is only to blend it well. Just use extra in areas where you needed and lesser where you don’t.


4) Concealer

 natural makeupM.A.C. Mineralize Concealer

I use long-lasting concealer by M.A.C. It’s a mineral-packed, creamy concealer that also illuminates my skin. It’s medium coverage makes it ideal for brightening under the eyes as well as covering discoloration on the skin. A long-lasting formulation tends to be little bit more drying so if you do have very dry skin, you have to compensate using a  good moisturizer , it gives that required hydration.  I found that I don’t need powder with above mentioned foundation and concealer because  it is so long-lasting, it sets very quickly and gives you  a matte finish and natural makeup look.  So I skip using loose powder.


  • Provides instant and long-term hydration;
  • Long Wearing, 8 hrs;
  • Non streaking;
  • Non Caking;
  • Blur lines and wrinkles;

How to use it

  • Apply to skin directly with brush. (I use mac brush – 217. )
  • I put more concealer around my mouth area and chin .


5) Summer Eyeshadow 

Maybelline New York Color Tattoo 24hr Gel-Cream Eyesnatural makeuphadow

For eyes the easiest way to get matte proof makeup is to use a long-lasting cream shadows. Something like Maybelline New York Color Tattoo 24hr Gel-Cream Eyeshadow – 40 Permanent Taupe. You can also get away without using primer because they really set. You need to use it as a base as it helps in getting that natural makeup look.

I like this color because it is really pretty summer color. It looks really nice with brown eyes. They also give lovely bronze look which goes amazing with blue eyes. If you really want to have intense look, use blending brush to smooth out the edges before it sets. The more you blend the more you get the natural makeup look.

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6) Eye pencil

MAC Eye liner pencil Technakohl Graphblack – blacknatural makeup

Now to give more definition to my  eyes and I mostly use waterproof pencil by M.A.C. It is really nice, soft and quite blendable.

How to use it

  • Take all along the upper lash line and dotted underneath too. I use it into my waterline also as it is such a great waterproof pencil.
  • Blend the top and bottom lash line to soften the harsh line using brush or if you don’t have brush you can use earbud too as a makeup tool. Smoothen it quickly before it sets.
  • As it is a nice summer look I prefer making my kajal lighter by blending it more as it gives the lighter feel around the eyes.


7) Mascara 

Urban Decay CANNONBALL Ultra Waterproof Mascara  natural makeup

Before applying mascara I curl my eyelashes. For my mascara I use urban decay cannonball waterproof mascara. It’s dense, fuzzy brush increases seductive length and volume, all while never flaking off and compromising my lashes’ natural feathery texture.

Don’t skip this step as mascara is the most important essential to get that perfect natural makeup look. In hot summer weather, waterproof mascara is must because in hot places you gonna have mascara flaking off , mess your concealer and just generally melting and looking awful in no time.


8) Bronzer 

Nars The Multiple in Palm Beachnatural makeup

I prefer creamy bronzers instead of powder one. Powder bronzers have a purpose, but you have to be really careful and find one that doesn’t have too much shimmer, but also isn’t so dense and matte that it looks heavy.” And that’s the best part about cream bronzers. They don’t contain much shimmer but because they’re a creamy consistency by nature, they have a bit of sheen, which makes your face look healthy and glowy—not dusty and gives you that flawless natural makeup look.

Creamy bronzers are also sheerer than powders, meaning you still can see the texture of your skin underneath the product, so it doesn’t look like a mask (or worse, like a big streak of dirt across your face). They’re also incredibly easy to blend, with your fingers or a blending brush, like M.A.C. 187.


9) Blush

natural makeupNYX COSMETICS Cream Blush Natural 

It is a velvety smooth cream blush which offers radiant long-lasting color and it is infused with mineral oils that hydrate and condition skin. The best part is that when you are using that long-lasting foundations that often tends to be matte looking then this cream blusher just gives life and brings a summery look to make up.

If I used matte powder blusher then my makeup would start look heavy and not summery at all . Cream Blushers just brings the freshness to the face and helps you getting natural makeup look.


10) Lipsticks and Lip gloss

natural makeupMAC Lip Care – Lipstick – No. 501 Pink Nouveau and Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick 3D Volume Lip Shine FUCHSIA RISTIC

Onto the lips, the same philosophy applies. A very thin well blended layers. For soft natural makeup look, I prefer using use light or nude lipstick colors.

  • Apply lipstick onto lips with a brush and then rub it softly.
  • Blot with the tissue.
  • It feels very drying  so use a moisturizer pencil.I use Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick 3D Volume Lip Shine FUCHSIA RISTIC. It’s too glossy and waxy. Any brand of lip balm, tinted balm or moisturising pencil etc. will do the job.  You should be left all time with great lip color that not sliding , not melting  or messing around the place.

Perfect Sweatproof/ Waterproof Natural Makeup Tips and Tricks For Daytime.

  • Don’t use jet black eyeliner, bright eyeshadows and bright lipsticks as it’s a summer soft natural makeup look, not a dramatic one or strong make up one.
  • The main thing is to look out for waterproof and long-lasting formulations.
  • But let me remind you, long-lasting are more drying than usual formations so you need to compensate with either by applying more moisturizer or applying less powder than you would normally.
  • And everything needs to be applied in a very thin layer, the more you build up on your skin the more it is likely to slide off and rubbed off . 

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These makeup products and makeup tips worked for me. So, just sharing my experience hoping to help people with same skin tone and problem. Just follow these simple tips you will definitely get that perfect waterproof natural makeup look.

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