Wanna Try This Look? Mermaid Inspired Eye Makeup

Bored of your regular eye make up routine. Its time to try something new which not only give you stunning Mermaid eyes and the look of Sea Queen but will add fun in your daily makeup routine. I completely understand the fascination of a seductive, grown-up makeup look. Dark smokey eye makeup, rich red lipsticks and matte makeup look are all fashionable, stylish and completely our style. But, sometimes we all feel the need to play with our makeup pallet and add fun to it.

We might have grown up but there is always that little naughty artist within us that wants to have fun with our regular beauty routine. Have you ever considered letting your hair down and playing with the styles that’s not in our normal beauty regime or schedule. Bring out that naughty little artist and ask him to add fun to your regular beauty regime.

Now we asked this little naughty artist to suggest a creature so that we can experiment a new type of makeup and what came out was truly amazing. In no time we were experimenting with the most amazing/fascinating/ fairy tale character called the “Mermaid“. Though we have been talking about the mermaids since childhood but I bet no one have ever seen one. Still human imagination passes all boundaries and powerful enough to imagine ” how mermaids would makeup”. I bet it sounds interesting .

We were lucky enough to have a sea shore close to our house so we quickly picked up our stuff and jumped to the sea for our first fresh inspiration. We carefully observed what can be used in the mermaid eye makeup. We listed down steps and color combination that should do the trick. Below is our understanding and observation and trust me it came our real good.

mermaid eye makeup

4 Simple Steps To Get Stunning Mermaid Eye Makeup Look

Step 1: Prepare the eye area with an eye primer. Using a fluffy shadow brush, apply a pigmented lilac eye shadow on the entire lid. (We recommend using “Jilted” from the Urban Decay Electric Palette).

Step 2: Using a black gel liner (like NYX Gel Liner and Smudger in Betty), create a bold cat eye.

Step 3: Swipe a turquoise shade (like “Fringe” from the same palette recommended in Step 1) along the lower the lash line.

Step 4: Finish off the look by applying a bronze shadow on the inner corners of the eyes. Try L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in Bronzed Taupe).

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Try this Mermaid eye makeup look today!! I bet you love it.

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