Meditation Benefits For Youthfulness Of Body & Soul.

Well, there may be many on the contrary who will dispute to this post of mine. But I want to write a real life experience on how we can actually maintain our Youth Inside Out and take advantage of meditation benefits. One can’t deny the fact that whenever we meet any True Saint or Guru we are always attracted to the aura around them and the radiating skin throwing sparkles into our eyes. These are the people who have surrendered themselves to the GOD and away from the worldly distractions of Lust, Anger, Ego, Rage, Greed, Attachment, Conceit. Above all they meditate and this inner peace gives them an extra edge over fighting growing age. The water of the secret fountain of youth within never dries as it keeps refilling through the power of meditation for a longer run.


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Now, if we think and try to find the reasons behind ageing ( non-scientifically ), we can clearly see unhealthy lifestyle, Stress ( This is the killer to youth) and sometimes unwanted genes ( we can’t deal with them, as they don’t listen to anyone). There are numerous meditation benefits from which we can help when stuck with such unwanted situations in life.

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Now we will study in brief. What are meditation benefits for maintaining  youthfulness? In older days when people didn’t have too many distractions and were not slaves to the new laws of survival in this world. People were calm and life expectancy was high. People maintained their youthfulness inside/out for a longer time as they were stress free and enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. Now days we are trying to extend the life expectancy through medical means and to an extent we are succeeding. In my opinion better results can be obtained through meditation benefits. There is always a catch with the medical science and some of our body parts give up so it’s not a 100% deal. Let’s get back to maintaining youthfulness through means other than science.

Let’s Study Some Of The Meditation Benefits In More Detail.

  • Body and soul goes parallel and meditation gives enrichment to both body and soul. It has benefits at the gross body level like better concentration and improvement in body lustre. It gives peace of mind which ultimately converts to happiness. Mathematically happiness is directly proportional to youthfulness.
  • Let’s get into more details on how it relaxes your body.
    • Oxygen consumption is lowered thus decreasing respiration rate.
    • Increases blood flow with decreasing heart rate. With lower heart rate relaxation comes into effect.
    • Decrease muscle tension thus relaxing your body and soul. This relaxation gives happiness.
    • When we focus on particular part of body its helps in healing and making that body part operate as it should like headache, BP etc.
    • Reduces emotional distress and makes you a happier person. Again happiness is key to maintain youthfulness.

Meditation  Benefits includes medical benefits as well.

  • (If you are free from medical emergencies your youthfulness is maintained for a longer period.)
    • Increases exercise tolerance in heart patients to a level where they can feel better and more self-confident.
    • Helps in getting Blood pressure to normal
    • Relaxation takes away hypertension and headaches.
    • Helps eliminate chronic diseases
    • You can control obesity, insomnia, headaches and depression through saturated levels of serotonin.
    • it helps reduce phobias
    • Pregnant women can have major meditation benefits and create that special connection with the baby inside her.

Above are some of the meditation benefits and there is more to it. There is  happiness all around and  stress free life. What factors you can think of that can take away your youthfulness much earlier than it should? Don’t be a part of the herd running after money, lust and other worldly distraction. We are running after something which we think will give us happiness but ask those who have achieved all but still not happy. The happiness is always within you and around you, all you need is to realize. Love your body and soul. Work on them and you will be rewarded with long-lasting youthfulness.

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There are many meditation techniques available. One can practice any like meditation for glowing skin, meditation for youthfulness. Or you can just relax your brain for a while to start with. With these techniques you can find an everlasting source of elixir to the fountain of youth and never let it dry. You will feel more life within you and love for things you do. You will always appreciate the youthfulness achieved as meditation benefits. All you have to do is find some time for yourself and devote it to meditation. It doesn’t cost you anything and give you something that money can’t buy. Be blessed always and maintain your youthfulness!!

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