Makeup Mistakes Stealing Youthfulness

Time is the universal truth which stops for no one and all of us are racing against time knowing the outcome in advance. We all know we will lose still we don’t give up. We try out best of the products in market to the best of the abilities of our pockets to look young still sooner or later the age takes away. We all apply makeup to look young but end up losing our youthfulness due to makeup mistakes we do. We end up looking older than our age and no one of us wants that to happen. So in this post I will be discussing common makeup mistakes and simple makeup tips and tricks to avoid this and maintain our fresh and youthful skin.

During this struggle period we all make some beauty mistakes which costs us dearly in coming days by damaging our skin.  We apply all sorts of night creams and anti-wrinkle serums in order to look young. We should understand that ageing is a natural process and it can’t be stopped, still we can make the process look a little slow by exercising some BEAUTY TIPS AND TRICKS. With all these makeup mistakes committed in ignorance you can end up in enemy lines without even realizing it. This is especially true when it comes to our unplanned makeup routine. In order to avoid such mistakes and having our skin and hair undergoing the correct treatment we can easily avoid these most common beauty mistakes and make sure we are doing them right all the time. Just a small reading is required to know these makeup tips and mistakes

Makeup Mistakes That Ageing You More Than Time

Applying Too Much Powder

  • Too much power on face is not a good idea instead you should go for a lightweight liquid based foundation (like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation).  With this small trick you can avoid that cakey look on your face and also avoid smile lines and wrinkles caused due to over application of heavy- handed power. If you like to have a matte finish, brush your face with little translucent setting powder. It helps you to set your makeup and even give you a fresh and youthful look. Set makeup lasts longer than compared to ever degrading heavy powder look which sets off your face with every facial expression. Just imagine a scenario where you are smiling with powder setting off your face with every smile. It looks like your skin is coming off and appears awful to the people looking at your face. The makeup should blend in properly as well- blended makeup makes you feel fresh and young.

Application of Heavy Under-Eye Concealer

  • With an unhealthy lifestyle, dark circles and fine lines under eyes have become common problems. One can avoid this by leading a healthy lifestyle. But if one wants a quick fix, we can always opt in for concealers and other available treatments to hide these unwanted under eye effects. A simple handful of  makeup tips and tricks can help us in a long way when dealing with eyes. But remember, few makeup mistakes can spoil your whole look. Most women apply layers of concealers to hide their dark circles. Too much application won’t help you hide your imperfections instead actually accentuate your wrinkles and fine lines. Always apply good quality concealer in a very small amount and blend it properly. The more you blend it the more you get the natural look.  You can easily find genius concealers and treatments at your fingertips to hide these nasty little realities. With these options in place one should understand the problem well and apply the best suited and easily available treatment. Always think of the long term effect rather than settling for a temporary solution.


Thin EyeBrows

  • Some women have thin brows as a result of some beauty mistakes in past or may be absence of dense hair on that part. Nothing to be demotivated with as there is a cure to this as well.  Absence of hair over the brows part might make you look tired and old and no one would want that in the era where markets are full of alternatives of solutions for such issues. Make sure to keep your brows full and defined by using the right filling and shaping tools. Few makeup tips and tricks can make your entire makeup look a much better.  

Application of Blush Too Low on the Face

  • It’s a common understanding among people that Rosy, flushed cheeks is a sign of vitality and youth. Most women apply blush below the apples of your cheeks, this will actually pull the face downward and making it appear saggy which you would never want. So always avoid such makeup mistakes. A good beauty trick to keep in mind while applying face makeup is to always use brush in upward motion. This pulls up your entire face and gives you that fresh and youthful look which you want. So, when working with blush, start at the top of the apples of the cheeks and work the brush up toward the temple.

Putting Eyeliner on Just the Lower Lash Line 

  • One should always be very careful with the eye makeup and should not make any makeup mistakes which results in the dreaded sagging effect. Some women love to line the lower lash line only and ignores the upper one. If you are applying  Heavy liner to the lower lid it will cause the eyes to look droopy and will mostly attract attention to eyes fine lines and wrinkles which you would never want. Still if you do, there is another better approach to it. Working with your upper lash line is equally important. You can still give the lower lash line some love, but keep the line light and thin. So when you do makeup next time remember these simple makeup tips and tricks and I bet you will love it.

Highlighting the Outer Eye Corners

  • With new trends coming in markets now days, you will notice people using highlighter as a great tool for creating a youthful and glowing look. However, just like concealer, it can ruin your whole look when misused.  Application of highlighter on the outer corners of the eyes is just going to put your crow’s feet on display. If you want to draw attention away from those nasty lines and brighten up your eyes, just apply a bit of highlighter on the inner corners and on the brow bone instead.

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From now on, try to avoid these common makeup mistakes that are stealing your youthfulness and making you look older than your real age. If you like my post, please do comment and don’t forget to subscribe for more makeup tips and tricks updates.

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