Life Quotes – It’s Over! Move on!!!

It’s Over! Move on!! People hop in and out of our lives, but we should not grieve as they are merely characters of the show called LIFE. They leave behind experiences powering us to kick the past and shape the future.

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We have heard that life is a show and it must go on no matter what. How does the show ends totally depends on us. We as humans are very social and easily get attracted to other people and when they leave, many of us break and destroy the show. They don’t realize the show is still on and its upto us to make it a hit. We should be optimist in these situations and learn to take these experiences in a positive way in the form of learning. These experiences shape our lives and power us to kick the past and rebuilt the future. The curtain of one’s life should come down with audiences saying, he rocked the show and that’s it, THE MOTIVE OF LIFE ACHIEVED.

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