Is Prince Narula Really A Deserving Winner of BB 9?

Bigg Boss seasons have always been in controversies and Bigg Boss 9 was most controversial where deserving candidates were thrown out of Bigg Boss house in sudden evictions for no obvious reasons. We need to have a place where we can see live votings for our contestants and know that Bigg Boss is not making any backstage adjustments and manipulations. We have been hearing the manipulative behaviours of Bigg Boss before from Imam A Siddique saying that he knows the reality behind the reality shows and how they are won, to Prince Narula talking about his contract with Colors and his future aspirations.

Though it’s a reality show but I don’t see reality anywhere other than a mere money-making machine where people strive hard to earn some good sponsors and voting SMS charges which viewers send. Here all the moral values including spiritual values are murdered and served in an entertainment plate as a platter. Relations and promises are made to be broken and to take undue advantage as and when required.

Prince Narula - BB9 Winner

Prince Narula Doesn’t‘ Carry A Character To Be A Winner.

  • His cheap strategy to win shows by falling in love again and again. What is the relationship for Prince Narula, it keeps changing as per the needs of the show, it was sometimes for love and sometime brother and sister and we never saw him playing a solo game. Looks like falling in love also a part of his strategy to win shows. Earlier in Splitsvilla, he proposed to his partner in the show Anuki, and on Bigg Boss he was seen pursuing not one but two girls, Nora Fatehi and Yuvika Chaudhary.
  • He is loud, aggressive and has ANGER ISSUES too.
  • He plays in group, he always needs support of Kishwar Merchant and Suyyash Rai but still always calls himself ‘Tiger.’
  • He has played his selfish game with pure winning intentions.
  • He never showed maturity and sportsman spirit.

Do you still think Prince Narula a deserving  winner of Bigg Boss 9?

It’s not that he is not my favorite contestant but I fail to understand how can he be so sure throughout that he would win the show. There were triggers throughout the show which promoted Prince Narula when he was being a sidekick. He does not carry a character to be a winner for sure. The name and fame do not support his personality. On the other side, Rishabh Sinha was one man show who entertained and played solo and did not thrive under the SHADOW of any relationship. Rishabh Sinha should have been a more deserving winner and should have given an inspiration to the society what reality is all about and how far one can go solo with his determination and patience.

What’s your take on Bigg Boss 9 winner Prince Narula. Let me know your views.

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