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With Valentine’ Day getting so prominent in our cultures as if it was a part of our culture for thousands of years, which is not completely right still it is celebrated amongst Indian with lots of enthusiasm.There are challenges to people with and without Valentine.

People with Valentine face a lot of challenges in some reserved communities or places in India. On the other side in metros where people are open minded carrying a mixture of Indian and western culture find it’s easy and comfortable to celebrate this day with a lot of joy and happiness. There are local restaurants and hotels that have got special deals and customized celebrations like candle light dinner, pool side dinner with live bands etc on this special day which adds a flavor to the day.

With social media so prominent in our daily lives many of us don’t hesitate to express our love in different ways and we do have a lot of options to send a ecards, digital gifts, flower and cakes etc. The other day the entire social media is filled with lots of selfies with the loved ones express how the date went. Some still prefer to make it a private stuff as they still live under the fear of  what will society think.

People Who are Single And Searching For Their VALENTINE

Now comes the people who are still single and desperately searching their valentine. Such people also have two different categories:-

  1. First are those who will go out and search for their Valentine
  2. Second are the ones who will kill their desire and sit with friends and families (Such people try to find reasons to forget the date and put it to some better use, so that later they can say we did something great better than celebrating the Valentine’s day.)

But yes they have the equal right to live amongst us as this world welcomes the people from all mindsets. I may not be the love guru but I assure you that I am qualified enough to write this post and this should work for most of the people. Though my formula of How to get a Valentine works globally still people may exercise what they feel best. If they don’t want to follow what’s mentioned below they are straightly go ahead and ask their potential Valentine date for a nice evening get together narrating your plans and intentions, in case you are not afraid of the outcomes and it’s absolutely normal for your to see your Valentine day plans getting shattered even before that beautiful day came.

I suggest all with and without valentine to have a small gaze over my post and see how you could be benefited with this post of mine. I bet people with dates will share something in common with at least one of the points mentioned below and people who are actively searching for a date will benefit with the points listed below. So please spend some time and read my awesome post below it has real life experiences share from me and my friends and we agreed to most of the points and even some people have benefited with points listed below so why not take the benefit of someone’s experience.

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Trips And Tricks To Get A Valentine For Men And Women.

Show Your Attitude With Dressing 

  • Wear the wrinkle-free attire that is flattering and demonstrating not much of a deviation from your regular wardrobe. The outfit must showcase your assets, wear clothes tighter around butt area and little chest with unbuttoned shirt with casual colorful coat. Clean shoes are always preferred. It works the same for girls and showing a little skin and asset always do wonders attracting men.Color red is quite seductive so dress red if you are a girl. For guys it totally depends on your physique and personality.

Tempting Fragrance

  • This does not always mean applying a lot of perfumes. For guys a good aftershave works and for girls some mild perfume works. Now there are techniques for applying a perfume also, one must not blindly shower the perfume on clothes and face and where possible. There are key areas which do the magic like neckline, wrist, bellybutton, arm pits and ankles are more than done. It spreads over time.

Good Shape And Skin

  • You must be well planned in advance for this day. So if you are not in shape make sure you get in shape just before its too late. Hit the gym and forget the kitchen if you need to lose those extra kilos hanging by your sides. Try changing the diet to a more strict one if u don’t like too much of gym. A good physique is a confidence booster and makes it easy to get a date and not to say a charming date. Eat lots of vegetables and juices and take lots of water as it will give your skin a natural glow.
  • Aim is to have a beautiful body and a glowing skin, trust me 60% of job is done. The hunters for those perfect ones are all around waiting to be hunted or hunt. Maintain your skin well and make sure if men are bearded they go out clean or if you are in a bearded fashion you should do the outlines well and good hair cut. Messed up looks with uneven hair growth are least preferred. For women they should be properly waxed with no public hair visibility other than head. Men should now day prefer waxing hand and chest as it magnifies the look of your muscles to an extent.

Make The First Move And Make It Feel Interesting

  • It’s mostly the guys who should know this trick as girls are little shy but I must say girls have come out of their comfort zone and have started making the first move and mastered the art of first interaction. For men it’s never the mastery as each girl is different and one should notice and do some research for the potential date and plan the move accordingly. You should not directly talk emotions but try to get her into the conversation which is rather interesting than boring. Pick someone more familiar rather than hitting overboard which may not be your match, the rhythm should synchronize in order to be a match.
  • Never be too over confident. Always approach alone and confidence is mismatched with your abilities in a group. Try and utilize the days before the Valentine day to know your date well. Get near to her in ways where she can demonstrate her behavior, likes, dislikes hobbies etc. You should create interesting scenarios which engages the audience with interest. The goal should always be an interesting and heart touching way to ask her out which she can’t refuse. One can create a chain text message or play truth and dare or a custom game which mostly works. If you can share a heart touching memory with your potential date and how this memory is great for you too. Some decorations for the special one might just do the trick, making her feel special, most girls like to be treated special and that too publically.

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Valentine Tips & Tricks

Book Gifts/Places Related To Valentine

  • Though the Valentine day itself sounds great and any communication between lonely hunters are always understood as an approach for valentine. Still the icing on the cake will be to purchase valentine related gifts being sold in stores like candies, plush animals, flowers and other gifts. When it comes to food make sure you have the best of it with a quite and romantic ambience with quiet music. Best would be a candle light dinner with some live performance over a poolside located on a high rise.
  • Such attractions are often found in 5 star hotels. Still a romantic date can always be organized at home with a colorful theme followed by some nice appetite and a bottle of wine. After food one can go one for a long drive or a walk in nearby gardens or places. Though a movie can’t be said as a bad idea. It works most of the time provided there is a nice romantic movie being screened in nearby theater. Make sure you are not going for an action or a cartoon movie, it kills the mood.

Valentine Tips & Tricks

Blind Dates Are Becoming Popular

  • With most of the metros offering jobs in IT/ITES it’s hard to find the sufficient amount of time for getting a date so if one is desperate he/she can go on for a blind date. Blind dates are available with the help of social media or can be encountered in events nearby as most people are out finding the just right date provided they are singles and looking. There are no specific rules to this but carrying nice attire with a rose and a smile on the face would do the job.
  • First interaction matter a lot and one should start by asking just very basic introductory questions. Like name, occupation, where she belongs etc. Come with an open mind which has the patience and power to accept NO. Don’t expect intimacy in such dates, still that might happen if you are lucky. There are many mobile apps offering speed date like zoosk,,  speeddate,  facebook. There are around 50 or more such apps available and one can explore all provided he/she has the time and patience.

Prefer Not To Approach The Date Directly

  • If you know of a person who is a friend of the date try and approach him/her first as that increases the chances of getting you the date. If you approach the person near and dear to the date you will come know more and accurate information about your date and your planning will be more accurate, thus increasing your chances of good luck. Is suggested this as prospect Valentine date best friend always knows more about the your prospect date and it becomes much easier to get a date without too much of research. If you are lucky enough you can be a suggested date by your prospect’s best friend .

Be Patient With Reaction

  • When you are approaching for a prospect Valentine date, don’t expect a quick approval or any other reaction. Girls are little shy and takes their own time to do the love calculation and then reacts. Be patient with the reaction and accept it. Sometimes acceptance works if you are smart enough to guilt her into her own reaction. It’s like a random quiz where each question depends on the question previously asked and answer given. Be very soft and gentleman with your date. Don’t try to show off your muscle power and girls need priority in attention. Just talk about her best features like eyes, hair, skin, Smile, voice and whatever she carries. They need a person who cares about them and their belongings the most.

Don’t Be Too Flirtatious

  • Girls hate guys which are too flirtatious in their first interaction instead they prefer to date with a funny guy. If you are ignored or rejected just pass on to the next potential date. Don’t lean on or be the annoying fly as you would lose up ending in a slap or insult. You should maintain your reputation while doing this Valentine day exercise. Reputation and dignity you will carry throughout your life and Valentine day will come and go each year. Be gentle and stick around only when entertained.

Post Valentine Day Exercise

  • So once you are successful in getting a date and you have your wonderful Valentine day. Make sure you are in touch with you Valentine day as much as you can with whatever medium you can exercise like email, text, phone call, whatsapp, facebook etc. This will help you maintain your Valentine’s day sweetheart for upcoming valentines days and who knows might turn up into your permanent Valentine Day figure for the rest of your life as a family member. Give your Valentine date a chance to further grown into a relation as you can’t have Valentine’s day for the rest of your lives. Valentine date give you the chance to understand your partner well and take decisions of live to move ahead or move apart, this has more to it other than finding and enjoying the Valentine day.
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