Valentine’s Day (14 Feb 2017) My Quote and My Story

First and foremost I would like to wish you all every shade of happiness for Valentine’s Day 2017. In honour of Valentine’s day, I would like to share a story of my first crush ‘My First Love Story’. It didn’t actually happen on Valentine’s day, but it’s a cute little love story, so I thought why not share in the month of love. Oh gosh! I am so excited and want to pour my heart out about my biggest, most heart-wrenching, wonderful First crush ever. Here I go.

 My Valentine’s Day Story

I switched my school in the fourth grade, there was this boy named “X”(I am not gonna write his name as this would probably be identified by anyone who knew me.). The first time I saw him in school playground and  my eyes got stuck on his charming face. He was super cute, smart and had very attractive looks. It was actually love at first sight. I had a crush on him and the best part was that he had a crush back on me.

I still remember the day (which the most memorable one) when I was going to classroom dreaming about how cute he was, then he appeared suddenly in front me as if I had dreamed of him so seriously that he had manifested in my reality. I was staring at him with my eyes wide open and he smiled, gave me a nod and went on his way. I couldn’t stop myself dreaming of him all day long. Unfortunately, I was too young, so didn’t exactly know the right ways of showing my affection towards him. Sometimes, I would do weird things to stay around him. My ways of showing affection was by tormenting him.

I used to steal his pencil or write on his copy, or make mark on his hand with marker or whatever but would do something to bother him. But he would never get irritated, rather enjoy it. Oh Gosh! It was so stupid doing such things, especially stealing his stuffs and hiding it. Then he would look for his stuff here and there in classroom, pleading me to give back his all stuffs and I would just sit and enjoy seeing him puzzled.

My last grade of schooling with him was 5th grade and generally, at this point, one starts to get little bit more adventurous, you want to, kind of, hang possibly outside of school with the boys you have crush on. I mean to say that I was getting an age where I wanted to be little bit adventurous. So one day, I was at home after school, I had an idea, I took a piece of paper and a pen and started writing him a small love card. I was determined to create that card to be the best of my knowledge for  him. I folded that paper in two parts and at front I made a huge Heart and below that I wrote his name. (that was actually a terrible love card but what you would expect from a girl studying in 5th grade)

Then, inside that card I wrote a note to him.

  • “Dear ‘his name’, I really like you and I know you like me too. (This is where I was so cool…YES!)
  • I was wondering if you would like to go out with me sometime.”

And at the back, I wrote my name.

The very next day, I went to school early as I couldn’t wait to pass that love card to him. As soon he entered the classroom, my heartbeat got fast and I got freezed. I didn’t have guts to give him that card. Somehow, I gather the courage and went towards him. I was about to give him that love card, unfortunately one of my friend came and snatched it from my hand. She read it and passed it to everyone who were there in the class. I felt so embarrassed and from that day we both stopped talking to each other in classroom as everyone would tease us. It was so difficult for us to face them. At the end of year, he left the school as he was shifting to new place.

The last day, when he came to me to say goodbye, he gifted me a small teddy bear with a note, I saw tears in his eyes because he knew, we would never see each other again. In that note it was written that he liked me lot and he gonna miss me. And till this date, I have that note with me.

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My Beautiful Valentine’s day Quote

My Valentine's Day Story

To get it LOVE with you was not under my control but to love you forever has been the goal of my life.
Our love will never surrender to the test of time
as even though we may live or die
our sacrifices and achievements in love will be shared across generation on earth and heaven
among the mortals and immortals as an example.
The fear was never losing each other but setting an example which will rewrite the definition of love.
Author- Neeranjana

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That was my crazy little valentine’s day story which didn’t happen on valentine’s day. Share your stories and experiences with me. I hope you have a great valentine’s day/ weekend make sure to check out my other posts.

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