Divorce! We don’t need it! Tips to Happy Married Life.

There are people around dying to find out their “BETTER HALF and on the contrary, there are those who think their better half has become a headache and want to get rid of them as soon as possible. We are humans, common people we may not get to choose parents, brothers, and sisters but one person we choose in our lives is “our better half“. So,  how can we go wrong with that one choice we make in our lives. People may be educated enough to give hundred theories but we need to admit that the person we chose as our life partner was the one for whom we were ready to die, print tattoos on our body, discover unique ways to show our deep love for him/her , hang on the phone for entire night just to show that sleep is less important than giving attention to him/her, do a lot of silly things we could never imagine, day in and day out missing them badly, crying in a silent corners when the other half was away, writing poetry etc etc. Now all of a sudden what went wrong? Why do we need divorce? Did we change or our priorities changed that our selfish egos are hitting hard for the freedom from the better half, so called soul mate and all we need is Divorce. 

Are You Really Ready for Divorce

Divorce! We don’t need it! Tips to Happy Married Life.

Instead of resolving problems, we waste our quality time in search of a best divorce lawyer. Now all of a sudden our viewpoint changes and a positive person changes to a negative person and starts complaining about beautiful institution called marriage. We no longer believe in our own thinking when we were  in love, we start pointing out mistakes in GOD and also suspect our very belief that marriages are made in heaven and think Divorce as a final solution. Suddenly, happy married life has become a rocket science for us.

Guys hold on your horses  and relax, take a break to set thing right and put aside your egos, as you need each other more than ever in these hard times. Don’t let the evil in you take over and destroy your marriage, give your very best and devote all your time to this relation. All other things can just wait or fall in place when required. One thing you can’t live without is your better half so if you are not putting your very best to this then this life does not suits you as you need to stick by to something once in a life and give your best.

On the other side I also support a healthy breakup or divorce and not waste this life in adjusting as per your soul mate discretion. Lead a happy healthy married life where each other opinion and contributions are respected by both partners. Its simple give and take which works in a marriage, you give and expect back the same, it may be as small as attention. Also men need to be smart enough as it’s a clever job to handle a woman. Women are very sensitive and need more attention, you will get everything you deserve and a woman will give everything under her powers to make the marriage work provided you as a men don’t forget what she means in your life and treat her like a princess.

Who are most affected by Divorce / Breakups…

Are You Really Ready for Divorce

-> If you have children then I suggest you keep your egos apart and forget about the breakup as you are solely responsible for getting a pumping heart into this world and you can’t fail this responsibility. Children are pure at heart and worst affected by breakups and they deserve the best, you can fail as partners but you can’t fail as parents. Your life is waste if you fail here.

-> You can’t fail your parents as they have too many hopes with your marriage, every parent thinks their child will lead a happy married life but all are not lucky. that’s why know your partner well before getting married so this unfortunate event does not happen.

-> Lastly you get a setback on this failure but yes you deserve this failure as you were at mistake at some point of time and events got added which lead to a mega event called divorce.

Other than these if someone say they are affected they are probably lying, give them shit. They will just enjoy the breakup as a gossip event in their lives which gave them a short lived topic for discussion.

Few Tips For Happy Married Life as DIVORCE is NOT the best solution.

Having Happy married life is no rocket science and few small efforts on can do wonders…

  • Spend quality time everyday. This may be a small 5-10 mins which can be used to make love, share stories, tell each other how was the day, fight/complain ( it’s a part of healthy marriage)
  • Discuss the good old times. these can be memories from DATING time to long night phone conversations. How we met, first kiss, first gift.
  • Know your partner in/out so that you can measure the expectations and act accordingly, this is must for a healthy marriage or happy married life.
  • Get into some romantic relation once in awhile, it’s an ingredient for happy marriage. Flowers and chocolates works most of the times.
  • Don’t let the ego come in between your relation, if you are at mistake admit it and do things to share your sorry attitude and don’t let it happen again.
  • Small weekly dinner dates helps.
  • Share each other workload and interfere where required, it gives you a sense of responsibility towards each other.
  • Show concern. When your partner is in tension, show that you are with him/her in troubled times and help the other to overcome situation. Emotional support is very important.
  • Use gadgets only when required, in this current century gadgets have played the most important role in breakups. You won’t die if you don’t take a call or browse internet and facebook but yes it surely will affect you if your partner is not around.
  • Always stand by your partner’s decision no matter what. You may be wrong sometimes but there are always times when you can make this right by talking to them in private.
  • Take a time off from your work and give 100% of your time to your partner and show the importance of your partner in your life.
  • Appreciate your partner in public, critics can always be in private and can be worked upon for improvements.
  • Surprise her occasionally showing off that you might be busy or carried away temporarily but inside you always belong to her.
  • Don’t let the communication break at any point of time as this can be hazardous.
  • Share your good and bad with your partner, they might not be able to help but yes there will understand your situation and help emotionally.
  • Do things which earns respect in your partner’s eyes, this must for strong relationship and leading a healthy and happy married life.

LASTLY, Money can never do anything to your true relation, it’s a requirement of humans but not relation. Relations sitting on money are not relations but un-named relations which has no meaning to life and will fade with time. A true relation always exists no matter you are rich or poor, white or black, fat or slim, young or old, alive or dead.

Invest your time in earning  a relation worth sharing your soul as these memories are what makes you a human and this is what you will carry from one dimension to another. All other things will just remain back in this mortal world. What a person earns in life is a true relation and not how much you have in your bank account which goes with you.

Marriages are made in heaven and if you have ever believed that and think your marriage is not just a coincidence, stand by it and no matter what defend it against all odds and make it work. Don’t just surrender and no one can beat you.

Don’t listen to anyone just follow your heart as there will be people who will try to impose their experiences onto yours. There will be people who will separate you from each other for their own benefits.  Understand you are mature enough to take your own decisions and let none influence your decision to stick together with each other for the rest of your lives happily. There are always ways to find happiness if we are open minded.

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Try to avoid Divorce and find out ways to stay together. Build your marriage today and lead a happy married life! If my post has really helped you to save your marriage, please leave your beautiful comments.

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