Beauty Tips: OMG! Some Simple Hacks Worth Dying FOR!

Even with the experts there is always a fear of “what IF” which is not limited to messy look to smudging of lipstick to any disaster of makeup world. These few simple beauty tips and tricks of mine come in handy in times of emergency situations like this. One can always trust on these beauty hacks which make sure you are saved. Nowadays makeup is expensive and even makeup removers costs a lot. I can’t assure you loads of saving with my beauty tips but yes with these you can save some money by using cost effective alternatives. I will explain it using some very simple techniques which are not so hard to practise and remember. These beauty techniques have done wonders for me and trust me these come in handy. You can use these beauty tips and tricks almost everywhere and anytime. They don’t require special accessories or products but some very basic ones easily available in home or nearby supermarket at very reasonable prices.

Here Is My Own Very Personal List Of Beauty Tips And Tricks

No magic but yes very effective and simple.

Beauty tipsBeauty Tip 1 # Use of Coconut Oil as eye makeup remover

  • I use coconut oil for moisturising my skin at the beginning of the day and end of the day. And I also use it as my eye makeup remover. It is super amazing, super gentle and super natural. Moreover, it lasts for really long time when you buy this much jar as shown in image. When you use it as eye makeup remover, it is gentle on your eyelashes and easily takes out all your make up and I also noticed that it is really helpful in the growth of eyelashes.

Beauty tipsBeauty Tip 2 #  Magic of yellow face powder.

  • To even out redness on face, choose a powder that’s got yellow undertones. Yellow balances out redness and gives a healthy glow to face. If you have dark spots, don’t add more makeup shades, as it can increase the look of unevenness. Use foundation to cover any discoloration and finish with a translucent powder.

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Beauty Tip 3 # Quick Lipstick tricks

  • This one is for those who love to wear lipstick. My favourite color are berry and red especially in winter season as it is wedding season too. But they can be messy if not take care of. For this trick to work you need piece of tissue and brush with little translucent powder on it. Place the tissue paper on your lips and brush them on. It really looks silly but I promise you this works. I tried it so many time it basically prevents lipstick getting on your teeth and smudging throughout the day. It also mattifies it.

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Beauty Tip 4 # Baby shampoo to clean makeup brushes.

  • Next hack is using baby shampoo to clean your expensive brushes. Instead of buying those super expensive brush cleanser you can use baby shampoo. Just run some water on your brush, put some shampoo in your palm and then run your brush through it. It cleanses so well and is really gentle on these expensive brushes. It is gentle on your skin too so it’s not causing you to breakout. It’s a lot cheaper and super efficient.

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Beauty Tip 5 # Triangle concealer hack.

  • You plop little dots of concealer under your eyes and blend it. It will give you flawless skin, right? Wrong. If you are still doing it like this you are doing it wrong. There’s actually a trick to applying concealer that makes your face look fuller and more youthful by highlighting the front area of your face. And it’s so easy. Just swipe the concealer along your under eye area, draw a triangle with it. Gently blend the concealer into your skin with a beauty blender. Applying concealer with this technique brightens up your face and draws all the attention to your eyes.

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Beauty tipsBeauty Tip 6 # Pesky eye shadow trick

  • This hack is for those pesky eye shadows colors that don’t show up so well on your eyelids.So, here is the trick to use such eye shadow. Instead of brush use your fingers and apply directly on your eyelids. Then blend it with brush to smooth out harsh lines.

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Beauty tipsBeauty Tip 7 # DIY exfoliator

  • You need only two ingredients for this trick. One is coffee grounds and second is coconut oil. Make a mixture and rub this on your skin. Its an exfoliator, it helps in skin brightness, removes puffiness, rejuvenates and smooth out your skin. Moreover, it reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks if you have, so, you can rub this mixture all over body as well. It is all natural and lot more affordable than all those other scrubs because you can just make it right from your home.

beauty tipsBeauty Tip 8 # Technique to make eyelashes fuller and longer.

  • Hack to make your eyelashes appear fuller and longer. After curling your top eyelashes look straight ahead and place your wand at the base of your lashes. Move the wand first downward and then upward. Use a zig-zagging motion while moving the wand up your lashes. It might seem a little bit strange but it works really well .This give your lashes a curled effect. Keep repeating this until you get your lashes as thick as you want, usually two to three coats.  This technique will make your lashes appear more fuller.

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beauty tipsBeauty Tip 9 # Blow dryer hack

  • This hack is really useful for those who blow dry their hair on day to day basis and actually wants volume in hair. For this trick to work you need to blow dry your hair upside down. Blow drying upside down creates volume in your hair and make it appear more fuller and thicker and you will get super puffy and voluminous hair. And then you go ahead and style it.

SO, how was your experience after reading through my beauty tips and tricks. I am sure they will prove helpful in the one or the other ways. These are simple and effective and does not require heavy purchases. If you have liked my post, Please comment your views and if there is anything to add, you are most welcome. Do subscribe and keep visiting my post for more beauty tips and tricks.



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