Are You facing Repeated Rejections In Dating?

You are smart still facing Repeated Rejections in Dating?  Have you ever tried to figure out why you are are having trouble getting past the first date, with pretty much everyone you’ve spent time with lately. Do you have foul smelling breath? Is your new hairstyle weird? Possibly. But maybe you’re not the problem at all. Well, It’s just the things you like to talk about. There is a chance that whatever initial attraction these dates had for you quickly disappeared due to something you did. If you are a serial dater who never gets much further than date one or two, we can probably come to a couple of conclusions.

Dating Tips To Avoid Repeated Rejections In Dating

Five Dating Mistakes You’re Probably Making…Tips To Avoid Rejections In Dating

Boring Date! You are conducting date as an interview!

When you are not very flirtatious, the other person will leave that date feeling like he’s or she’s just been on a job interview.

Tips To Avoid Rejections In Dating #

  • Don’t ask scripted interview questions on your date. Avoid topics related to family, religion, politics, illness, etc.
  • Make sure that what you say on a first date makes a positive impact on the person sitting opposite you.
  • Inquire about a person’s work, interests, and hobbies.
  • A date is a way for you to get flirtatious and have fun. You need to look into his or her eyes, smile, compliment him/her and laugh at what he/she says. When you don’t do these things, you’re just in business mode. This is what so many do. They stay in business mode instead of being in flirtatious, fun mode.

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You’re Too Quick To Point Out Your Flaws!

You are self conscious about your looks, weight, career or anything and you are quick to point these things on your first date. Talking about your flaws shows that you are an insecure person. And trust me, no one likes to continue date with an insecure person.

Tips To Avoid Rejections In Dating #

  • Every person is beautiful in their own way. Be happy with being you. Love your flaws. Own your quirks. And know that you are just as perfect as anyone else, exactly as you are.

Awkward silence! No conversation!

Carrying a conversation during a first date can become difficult and uneasy at times, since you hardly know the individual you are dating. But silence is not the solution.

Tips To Avoid Rejections In Dating #

  • Pick a handful of topics that are engaging and good get-to-know-you further.
  • Discuss your favorite food spots, the last great film you saw, or a vacation you enjoyed.
  • Explore each other’s tastes in leisure activities.
  • By forging a connection over shared hobbies, favorite TV shows, goals, you can come up with fun things talk about, and do together.
  • Try to steer the conversation toward things you discover you have in common and the conversation will tend to flow more freely. If the conversation is coming easily, you can take it deeper, but proceed carefully.

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You are talking about exes too much!

Mentioning your ex on your first date, is like entering the risk zone already!

Tips To Avoid Rejections In Dating #

  • You shouldn’t talk about your ex. Fair enough, your ex was a prick, but keep it to yourself. Don’t let out too much information about your past.

You are passing awful sexual comments

Saying anything sexual, unless you’re dating just to hook up, is most likely not going to go over well, especially with the ladies.

Tips To Avoid Rejections In Dating #

  • Just dropping some hints are enough. Like you’d like to get together again? or you would call him/her again.

You are demonstrating poor manners on a First Date.

Your bad manners like arriving late, and being on your phone all the time are what killed the night. So you need to improve on that part.


Few More Good Habits To Avoid Rejections In Dating

  • Be on time! Be thoughtful of the other person’s feelings, space and property.
  • Don’t make sarcastic comments that degrade anyone else. Don’t boast.
  • Always use your best table manners.
  • Be a sincere listener; ask questions of the other person, just nothing too personal. Keep your word.
  • If you don’t plan to call, don’t say that you will.
  • Don’t talk about how much something costs.
  • Never gossip or repeat a rumor.
  • Go out of your way to put your date at ease.
  • Always have cash or a credit card with you, even if you don’t expect to pay.
  • Say please, thank you and you’re welcome.

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Avoid these dating mistakes you won’t face rejections in dating. At the end, even if you failed to get a date forget it as a bad luck and continue your search. There are many online dating sites, sign up and start your search. There is someone special waiting for you!



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