Anxiety & Stress Free Life. Use This Simple Trick.

No article in this world, nor friends, nor relations go with us, even our body does not accompany us after death. Then why worry about those who will not accompany us? Your anxieties and worries pull you downAnxiety, Worry, Stress, discontentment and Unhappiness these are the few keywords which most of our lives probably revolve. LIFE is very simple, we should do what we have to do and the God will take care of the rest. But the truth is that we carry on worrying, and we worry because it is hard to control our mind and understand life. Anxiety and stress free lifeSometimes we tame our mind with inspiring words that we read or hear but deep down we don’t understand them in all their profundity, for we have not yet fully grasped the nature of the path on which we find ourselves. ‘How difficult it is to inspire ourselves after reading INSPIRING WORDS?’ The fact is we don’t see things as they are. Rather we see things as we are. The following story shows us how this works:

  • A lady whose son was flying to Europe for studies approached the Spiritual Master and said, Sir, I am very worried these days.”
  • Master inquired the cause of her worry. She said, ‘My son is flying to Europe for further studies tomorrow.’
  • Master just smiled a little and said, ‘Well, what is there to worry? Is it his flying or further studies or tomorrow?’
  • The lady also laughed and said, “Sir, my heart sinks when i think of the dangers of flying.”
  • Master: “Why not think of the comfort, convenience and quick arrival at the destination?’
  • Then Master remarked,” This is how man created worries for himself. Ninety-nine person of our worries are self created and quite groundless.” He quoted a line from Shakespeare, which says that

‘The dream of a coming misfortune makes us more miserable than the actual misfortune, which may come or may not come at all.’

This little anecdote tells us two important things about our worries:

  1. That it is we who create them, and
  2. That they have no foundation.

It is in the nature of mind to create imaginary problems and then worry about them. You unnecessarily imagine things and then worry yourself over them. This is exactly what the mind is always doing. This is one of the tricks by which the mind keeps us away from all happiness and makes us restless.

Free Yourself from Anxiety and Stress – Do Spiritual Meditation !!

The only key to be happy is to tame your mind and heal yourself from within, which is only possible through MEDITATION. By adding meditation into your life, you can live a happier and healthier life. Those who meditate on a regular basis share that meditation naturally keeps them more active and happy and helps them to live a anxiety free life.

Anxiety comes when we imagine situations which do not exist and then we try to resolve them, but how can we resolve something that is imaginary? We cannot. We cannot solve a problem which doesn’t yet exist. The only thing we can do is carry on thinking about it and worrying about it! Give up the habit of worrying and losing your temper. It is easy to be happy and laughing in fact, than it is to fret and frown. God doesn’t want us to be unhappy. Have faith in his goodness and grace and try to control your mind through Basic Breathing Spiritual Meditation and heal yourself from within and live anxiety and stress free life. Trust me it works.

 Basic Breathing Spiritual Meditation For Anxiety Panic Stress

It can  be done any time of day. However, I recommend doing them first thing upon awakening and the last thing before sleep, and then as many times during the day as you feel the urge. For all of the sitting spiritual meditations, I highly suggest creating a quiet space for yourself where you will be alone and not distracted. It becomes fairly easy to slip into meditation after chanting, singing or listening to bhajans (devotional songs), or while simply sitting in a quiet nature setting. Try one of these for a blissful meditation experience.

How To Do It

  • “Sit comfortably in a quiet place where you won’t get disturbed. Later you’ll be able to do this anywhere, but for beginners, practice this where you’ll have the least amount of distractions. Close your eyes. Take time to adjust your body and make yourself comfortable on the chair or bed. Now bring attention to your breathing, without trying to change it in any way. However, you may notice that your breathing changes by itself, perhaps getting deeper and slower. It is important to give your body full permission to breathe as it wants to. Your only job here is to watch your breathing. Be aware of yourself breathing in, breathing out. Be with yourself.”
  • At first you may notice that as you bring attention to your breath your mind jumps around. That’s okay. Just notice that, and then bring your attention back to your breath. The more you practice this spiritual meditation, the more deeply you will be able to go into stillness and your mind will settle down. You will begin to know yourself as Spirit. Air and breath are a reflection of Spirit. As we breathe in and notice how good it feels, we are effortlessly experiencing Spirit and our innate gratitude for it. Gratitude is an open doorway through which we can experience healing, Light and love. 

This world is not perfect. There is illness, old age, sufferings, etc. but the truth of the matter is that if we suffer and worry it is not because of what happens to us. It is not events in themselves that cause sufferings, but the way in which we let them affect us. The problem, in reality, is ourselves. We are our own main problem! And given that we are the problem, it follows that we are the ones who must change.

There may be many phases and stages in this process of change but in essence, we will only be free from anxiety, worry and sufferings when we are capable of raising our consciousness to a level where worry and suffering do not exist.


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